On her way back to her room, one of the guests suddenly stops. She turns around abruptly. I’m just about to clear the table after breakfast, when she asks me very kindly: “Would you like us to help you clear the table?” I look at her in surprise. “No of course not!” I almost don’t know what to say. I’m happy that the guests feel at home, but showing them the way to the kitchen with a pile…

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La pregunta de la clave

Television programs such as ‘A New Life in the Sun’ and ‘No Going Back’ have been extremely popular for years. The more that goes wrong, the better. Viewers, who are not even thinking about exchanging ‘our’ wet, cold country for sunny Spain (or any other country), find new confirmation in every episode. “See! It’s all falling apart, yet again.” Others who, unlike the first group…

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Huge success

As my sister gets behind the wheel, I place my hands against the back of the old green car. The neighbor, who has tied both cars together with a rope, is already sitting in the other car. Since going uphill is not an option, there is no other choice than to pull the old wreck in the direction of Benissivà. In reverse – because unfortunately the other car does not have a tow bar.

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Taking over an existing Bed & Breakfast or building one from scratch? Every now and then I receive a message from people who would love to exchange rainy Holland for sunny Spain. For many, running a Bed & Breakfast seems like the ideal way to take this (often exciting but scary) step. And I completely understand that. After all, we did it ourselves too. But how do you start?

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Poc a poc

It has now been more than four months since we were first introduced on Spanje Vandaag. Both of my sisters were working in Switzerland at the time and it was (mainly) up to me to put the Bed & Breakfast on the map. And although I have had to say “no” for a number of weekends because we were already fully booked on a certain day, we are still far from where we want to be.

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When I walk into the kitchen in the morning, the rest is already sipping on their coffees. While I make a cup myself, I put both phones on the table. Since we run a Bed & Breakfast, I do my utmost to always be available. That means I’m constantly dragging both my personal phone and my work phone from room to room. Annoying? Sometimes. Especially because I like to switch…

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The guests are about to leave. The couple, who have just paid, are still waiting until their friends, with whom they spent a night in our Bed & Breakfast, have also packed their suitcases. One of them is thinking long and hard about how best to formulate his question to me. Probably not knowing that the Dutch are, in general, quite direct and not easily…

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Small price

It’s five days earlier (and four hundred euros more) than planned, but my sisters are back home. A combination of heavy rain and persistent danger of avalanches abruptly ended their season in Switzerland. The restaurant where they worked decided to close its doors a few days earlier than planned and because of that they were presented with a choice.

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Top sport!

We have just finished setting up breakfast when the first guest walks into the dining room. It is six o’clock in the morning and, as an exception, we serve breakfast (on request) two hours earlier than usual. Although I don’t want to make a habit of getting up in the middle of the night to prepare and serve breakfast, I don’t mind at all when six of the nine guests…

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Until next time!

Although the quantity is still far from where it should be five months after opening, we can’t complain about the quality. After all, the fact that no fewer than 12.5% ​​of all our guests have already stayed with us more than once or booked with us again, immediately upon departure, is why we decided to start this adventure in the first place. Naturally, I was pleased…

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