Head of Field Service

“If you would like to interview me in my position as the Head of Field Service, please let me know…” She looks at me with a straight face. Without flinching I turn my eyes back on the screen of my laptop. I’m trying not to burst out in laughter. She, too, can not suppress a smile. Because while our father can’t wait to decorate the balconies with beautiful plants, we admiringly stroke the fake petals of a bunch of roses in the shop where we want to buy our beds.

The title that we awarded Suzanne with after a few hours of digging outside is therefore perhaps a bit pompous when you compare it with the title we gave our father (Head of Technical Service) after fifty years of work. Anyway, because no one else in the family (apart from our father) knows anything about gardening, we gladly let her take on this task. Because our outdoor space consists of no more than a patio, two terraces and three balconies, we are confident that she will succeed.

Do you have any doubts about it? Then know that we subjected all plants that were already in the garden when we bought the house to a strict selection last week. Besides the olive and lime tree, which are ours, only the succulents survived the severe selection. If you’re worried that there won’t be enough greenery left – don’t. The valley offers more than enough and from our house you can walk and explore all day.

However, if, after reading all this, you are curious about the work she has already done outside, I’d love to hear about it. Then I take her offer and schedule an interview. Now that she’s made the patio as low-maintenance as possible, she’ll probably have all the time in the world.