In search of…

It is (in my opinion) only normal that we, as starting entrepreneurs, are still searching. Sometimes literally, but more often figuratively. For example: what do you do if guests want to have a late check-out because of the nice weather or a late lunch reservation? At times when the room has not already been rented, we do not really mind. It only becomes difficult when (almost) all guests have the same request. After a successful weekend (and with only one dryer), the laundry will pile up quickly. That’s why last week we decided to open up one of the house’s two original bathrooms for everyone’s use. While we can already start cleaning the room(s), they can stay a few hours longer. And although we would like to renovate the bathroom in question in the future, it turns out to be an excellent solution for now.

And that is exactly what we have been continuously looking for in recent months (since our opening in October). The best solution. Because sometimes a problem doesn’t have to be a problem at all. That’s why it hurt a bit when our first imperfect review was posted last weekend. From very lovely guests, who had a very nice stay. Unfortunately, I only learned that they had not found the pillows comfortable until it was already too late. A shame. Because we always have extra (and different) pillows available for guests who request them. But because not everyone likes to share their tips, ideas or criticism with us during their stay, we thought it would be better to simply prevent this specific problem in the future. From this weekend onward, in addition to an extra blanket, there will also be an extra pillow in every room.

But despite all the (small) steps we take each time, I fear that the end of our search is not yet in sight. In fact, if I slowly start removing the sheets, I have another (mild) heart attack. “Oh no!” I shout to no one in particular. Once again there is a huge stain on our brand new, expensive fitted sheets. Although I suspect that it is blood, just like the week before, I still start to investigate the scene of the crime like a real Sherlock Holmes. Chocolate and red wine I can quickly rule out. And because the dry cleaning turned out not to be the right solution last time, this time I decide to turn to Google instead. The previous sheet, which – in addition to a nasty stain – now also has a hole in it, could no longer be saved. But I’m not ready to give up on another one. Yet. Armed with a bottle of white (cleaning) vinegar, a jar of salt and cold (!) water, I desperately start to look for another (and better) solution. Only when I can no longer find the stain (after washing it twice and carefully examining the sheet), do I decide to stop my search. I sigh a breath of relief. Again, I am a little wiser. The Bed & Breakfast is a little better. And we always have a suitable solution for guests who are still looking for their next holiday destination: you can always book with us.