About Us

We are Michelle (1986), Suzanne (1988) and Noëlle (1988). Three sisters who decided to start a Bed & Breakfast together abroad. In Vall de Gallinera we not only found the house of our dreams, but also a place in a small, warm and, above all, open community. Like the rest of the neighbors, we also try to contribute to the survival of the valley(s). That is why we try to work as much as possible with local entrepreneurs, whose regional products fit perfectly within our concept.


Noëlle’s love for the hospitality industry is clearly visible in her role as a hostess. If the guest is happy, so is she. If that guest still remembers their encounter years later, her job is done. She thereby gratefully makes use of her experience in various Michelin star restaurants in the Netherlands and abroad. Besides De Librije (Zwolle), where she started her career, she also worked in Hans van Wolde’s Beluga (Maastricht), Vila Joya (Albufeira), Prato Borni (Zermatt) and The Omnia (Zermatt).


Suzanne, who opted for a career at the non-food discounter Action after studying Tourism, is married to Marc (who has worked as a carpenter and a personal trainer). In order to prepare themselves for their new career, they moved to Zermatt (Switzerland) in 2019. While Suzanne saw the opportunity to further develop her leadership qualities here (albeit in a new sector), it was Marcs first time working in hospitality. Although they enjoyed their time in Switzerland, they now feel right at home in Spain.


Alone or with others. As a language student, volunteer or tourist. After high school, Michelle regularly went abroad. It therefore comes as no surprise that she would one day settle there. Although she too has gained her experience in the hospitality industry in the few years before opening a B&B, she doesn’t see that as a problem. Thanks to her training as a Film and Television scientist and years of experience in retail, she enjoys taking on the creative and business aspects of their entrepreneurship.