Until next time!

Although the quantity is still far from where it should be five months after opening, we can’t complain about the quality. After all, the fact that no fewer than 12.5% ​​of all our guests have already stayed with us more than once or booked with us again, immediately upon departure, is why we decided to start this adventure in the first place. Naturally, I was pleased when also our most recent guests ask about the availability of the following weekend. So as soon as the door closes behind them, I reach for my phone. To make sure I don’t forget, I immediately make a note. If the cherry blossoms start to bloom before the end of the week, they will come back. My photo, of the trees along the walking route to Benissivà, will be the deciding factor for them. Will they make the trip from Valencia again, in such a short time? Or not? After glancing at the clock, I start collecting the papers for my next appointment. Because just like my guests, who travel to the valley every year around this time especially for the cherry blossoms, I too have a recurring appointment. But because, unlike my guests, I don’t hope to repeat that appointment next week, I made sure that I’m fully prepared.

So more than half an hour before my mother’s appointment, I park my car directly behind hers. As I walk towards her, I glance at the ITV station in surprise. Except for a few cars, it seems almost deserted. “I didn’t expect this at all,” I exclaim with relief. Instead of queuing with the car, we decide to walk to the office first. While the employee takes our papers, I can look through the window to see how two cars are being carefully inspected. There’s no one in line. “Ah, new customers!”, the employee exclaims happily when he has finally found the data in the system. While my mother pays the amount due, he hands us the necessary papers back. Because my Spanish is better than my mothers, I take a seat next to her in the car. Only when we have passed the inspection with flying colors, do I walk into the office again. This time with the papers for my own car.

The employee, who had helped us an hour earlier, is about to leave. As he directs us to his newly arrived colleague, he cheerfully waves us goodbye. “See you next year!” he says, clearly convinced that we will be here again. And why not? Not repeating is not an option. Only where we repeat is. Their friendliness and non-existent queues are rather convincing. And although it is not possible to make another appointment immediately – waiting too long is also not an option. For the second time that day I make a note. If the queues are still negligible in a year’s time, I will definitely come back.