Impossible to overestimate

Vall de Gallinera, the municipality to which Benialí belongs, has approximately 585 inhabitants spread out over eight villages. With a percentage of 52%, there are slightly more men living here than women. At 58%, the age category 18-64 years is the largest, whereat the average age is 52 years. As in the rest of the province of Alicante (78%), here as well the largest group of residents (80%) have the Spanish nationality. When we look at the distribution among the villages, we see that most residents live in Alpatró (31%). After the most populous village in the municipality, comes Benialí (24%), Benirrama (16%), Benissiva (13%), Benitaia (8%), Benissili (7%) and Llombai (1%). It is therefore not surprising that of the seventeen lodgings in the municipality, no fewer than five are in Alpatró. By contrast, the vast majority of bars and restaurants are in Benialí (also five).

Great! Because, although we love making our guests breakfast, we encourage them as much as possible to have lunch and/or dinner in one of the many bars and restaurants that are within walking distance of our Bed & Breakfast. By doing that we don’t have to refer to the dining options solely in the village itself – the bars and restaurants in nearby Benissivà and Benitaia are also easily accessible (on foot). So if you like to have a drink with dinner or don’t feel like driving to Pego in the dark, Vall de Gallinera is the right place for you.

On the weekends then. Because although there is always a bar or restaurant open during the day where you can have lunch, that is absolutely not the case in the evening. However, for those who don’t mind planning ahead, there is almost always something to arrange. A paella from Bar Isa? A Blat Picat from Bar La Placeta? Or a hamburger at Sabors (only on Thursdays)? No problem. That is, if ordered on time.

However, I do not find it strange that guests do not always come here with the same expectations. But while one person overestimates the dining options on a weekday evening, the other overestimates the size of the village. Because when people carefully ask whether the restaurant in question – where I have made a reservation for them – is within walking distance of our Bed & Breakfast, I always have to smile a little. The village has eight streets. You can’t get lost. Although? Our uncle and his wife almost succeeded a few months ago. Because while the waiters in Nou Terrasó began to wonder where they were, they had already started eating at L’Aplec. Benialí may only have eight streets, but in those eight streets there are no fewer than five bars and/or restaurants situated. Anyone who isn’t paying attention will simply walk in somewhere else. Not that that matters to you (as a guest). Each and every one of them is more than worth your visit. Because, in terms of quality, you absolutely cannot overestimate them. At all.